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Welcome To Shakib Construction and Estate Development Ltd
Dear our esteemed Visitor,
We welcome you to Shakib Construction and Estate Development Ltd.
By visiting our website, we are confident that we have a number of common interests; of which is our mutual interest in the real estate business, and it is clear that you share with us a valuing professionalism and the importance of quality and distinction.
Shakib Construction came into existence due to man’s common needs, ever changing interests and above all the presence of the vacuum in the real estate market in Uganda.
That being said, it must also be highlighted that borders are not our limits and we visualise expanding worldwide with continued success in the real estate business locally.
Our mission is not only to develop the most unique and distinguished real estate business, but to create outstanding property landmarks  by providing proffessional and skilled real estate and land developing consultancy and establishments in the country, thereby contributing to the overall development process of Uganda, its people and its communities atlarge.We also look foward to be the most reliable real estate company in the country.
Shakib Construction is committed to develop projects tailored to the needs of the market and the expectations of its clients and partners, whilst enriching these projects with its vision, aims and values.
We consider you for our strategic partnership in our course of action towards creating one successful account after the other.
Finally, am proud to say that "settling people for a better living” is not simply our slogan but our policy towards creating, developing and implementing our projects in the interests of our clients with the aim of achieving a comfortable living with a peaceful mind.
Yours in service,


Managing  Director.


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P. O. Box: 35383,

Address: Plot 20, Luba House, Mpererwe, Gayaza Road, Kampala (U).

Phone: +256 773 259007

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